New Cutting-Edge Psychology Reveals..
How To Make Whatever You Want
Come To You Now...
So you wanna make whatever you want come to you. And today, you’re gonna learn how.

And for a fact, it’s gonna blow your mind how easy it is. Like if you can watch a short video, you can learn how to make whatever you want come to you in just a few minutes. 

You can do it today if you want. And the changes will last forever.

The problem is every message society is sending you makes you give way too much of a f*ck. And when you do, what you want always remains just out of reach...

Have you ever seen someone get attacked for saying the wrong thing?

Or tried to talk to someone attractive and find your thoughts racing, your heart beating a million miles a minute?

You don't like how it feels, so you start avoiding the things you want.

Safer to just play-it-safe, right?
About Jason Capital
Jason Capital is America's Honest Success Coach. Bedros Keuilian says Jason Capital is one of the top 10 most influential men on the planet. The 7-time champion of the world Roy Jones Jr., says Jason Capital is one of the top success coaches on the planet. Capital is author of the best-selling book, Higher Status. He serves as coach to millionaires, professional athletes and Hollywood luminaries. He was recognized as a Top 100 Entrepreneur by the White House.
Lao Tzu said it best: “Care what others think and you will always be their prisoner.

I’ve had the honor of working with and learning from billionaires, celebrities, world champions and more and you know what they all had in common?
They simply don't give a f*ck.
The Chinese philosopher Lao-Tzu understood that when you
care what others think, you are their prisoner.
They are free. They are authentic. And this makes them more powerful than the next guy. Infinitely more powerful. 

In a world where everyone tries to be politically correct and are miserable for it, plagued by stress
and worry, popping Zoloft and Xanax just to get by, these people at the top of their game are
They are playful, happy, light, alive, UNSTOPPABLE.

Because not giving a f*ck is a true blessing in life…

Still care what others think? 

You take little comments or looks from people personally, and it bothers you all day...

Or you’re ruled by stress and anxiety, tumbling inside of you all day long, never getting to live truly carefree…

Or you work your butt off for something yet lose out on it to another guy who barely seems to try... but  he knows something you don’t:
He knows how not to give a f*ck (or at least make it look like he doesn’t). And because of that, he can make whatever he wants come to him. It's a superpower yes but one that can be learned in a moment's notice. 

I have no problem confessing this to you:
I Live And Die By Being Carefree.
If I cared too much, I wouldn't be transforming millions of lives right now. I'd be too worried about what other people think. 

My powers would be neutered. Anyone who's not 100% carefree yet? Their powers are neutered right now..

Listen. That means there is untold amounts of HIDDEN POWER just lying dormant inside you right now. It's possible you've even realized this before...

Here’s the big secret: The trick isn’t to not give a f*ck at all... You should care about certain things. 

But it should only be about the things that make a major difference in your life. 

(And so many of us give so much thought to things that don't really matter, at the expense of things that DO matter. And this is why we suffer.)
When I was younger, I used to care what everyone thought and it stopped me from being who I was.

I was afraid to talk to girls, I was afraid to grow my business, I was their prisoner.

Today after using the 3 SHORTCUTS To Stop Giving A F*ck here on this page, I no longer worry about those things anymore.  And as this power keeps growing stronger and stronger, so does my life...

I don’t want you to suffer through life, stuck in a cage of worry and stress...

I want this power for you too. So listen to this:
"I Want To Give You $10,000
For This Right Now..."
A couple weeks ago in Hawaii, I met a successful businessman at the Four Seasons hotel bar. 

We talked for a few minutes. Then he offered me $10,000. Why? Because he told me, “You got something I don’t. And it’s not money. You’re free in ways I am not. I want you to teach me.”

What’s crazy is stuff like this happens all the time now...

And I don’t say this to brag.. 
Until a couple years ago, this kind of lifestyle seemed impossible for me.
Then I discovered these SHORTCUTS to stop giving a f*ck, and this badass lifestyle started to happen all the time..
Be free, my friend, be free...
The girls started asking me what the #1 secret to enjoying life is? I told them what Dan Pena told me, "Don't spend time on things that don't matter."
Women are naturally attracted to men who are free, alive and don't give a f*ck. You see it happening all around you.  How would it feel to be free and stop giving a f*ck in your own life now?
Shooting a video after grabbing lunch with Guy Kawasaki (left), the former Chief Evangelist at Apple and NYT Best-Selling Author. When you stop giving a f*ck, there's a certain magnetism that just emanates off you, and high-value people want to be around you.
So can you start to see why Team Capital is buzzing so loud right now for this?
What Are Top Guys Saying About
"3 SHORTCUTS To Stop Giving A F*ck"?
I’ve now trained hundreds of guys to learn this power too, and the results are truly amazing. 

You will love this. Just take a look at what these 5 below had to say about it…
“I Am Blown Away..”
Hey Jason! I am blown away by the quality of this. This is the real shit but you do not stop to impress me :) Really looking forward to the rest! Greetings
Åsmund Falk Botolfsen, Oslo Norway
“I’m Getting Free Shit Left and Right!”
Dude, Girls and guys are asking me for my phone number and Instagram because I truly know I don't NEED it. Free shit is coming at me left and right too! I knew this would be an awesome investment.
Dwight Dillon
“I Discovered The Cause Of My Anxiety...And It’s GONE Now!”
Hi Jason, I did not realize how attached I was to outcomes and how it was responsible for
so much past anxiety in my life. Your ideas were very enlightening to me. I know you are a big Tony Robbins guy, but in many ways you teach the antithesis of that Tony Robbins, amped up, hyped up total LACK of indifference. When I was deeply into Robbins I was so attached to goals, and was always trying to stay amped up with an almost fabricated, hyped up, fake confidence. I was a Tony disciple for many years and never learned how to cultivate the type of authenticity (unapologetically free) and relaxed carefreeness that I learned from your work. Cheers to you my Bruv.
Michael Dam
“Girls Hang On My Every Word Now…”
One of the biggest things that I've noticed... was whenever a girl would make a comment to try and throw me off, I would just come back with a witty comment and she could feel how magnetically carefree I was after I said that. Another thing was definitely when I started to notice, whenever I walked into a room full of girls, I instantly noticed that they were hanging onto every word that came out of my mouth. Finally, when I walk anywhere out in public, I notice that every girl instantly turns their head my way and watches me past by them.
Benny Zalewski
“Jason, I Am Now In Control Of My Destiny And I Love It…”
Jason! I can talk to people effortlessly, with not a single thought to the outcome, just living in the moment and enjoying every second. The biggest thing of all is that the programme have freed my mind from the shackles of mediocre thinking and I have given myself permission for the rest of my life to only do the things I want to be doing. And that Mr JC, is worth every penny.
Take it easy my friend, but dominate every second!
Andy J
“I Am TRULY Happy and Free Now…”
I can honestly say for the first time in my life that if it doesn’t work out with that hot girl, business deal, or whatever -- I truly do not give a shit! HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE and my path is waaay more important than any one girl! Ya know…I once heard an extremely ambitious, high-status, carefree badass say, “The more fucks you give, the less fucks you get. The less fucks you give, the more fucks you get.” So true! Peace.
Mark E.
Now at this point, you’re probably wondering what the 3 Shortcuts To Stop Giving A F*ck are. And that’s why I created…
3 SHORTCUTS To Stop Giving A F*ck…
  • 3 SHORTCUTS To Truly Stop Giving A F*ck In 10 Seconds Or Less! Demonstrated and Explained In Full Detail. You'll get it immediately.
  • Complete Instructions For When and How To Use The Shortcuts Effortlessly In Your Life. You will experience Instant Results.
  • How To Keep Them Working For You Permanently. You'll Find The Changes Last And This Badass Life Of Freedom and Fun Is YOURS!
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Now, Maybe for the First Time in Your Life This Ultimate POWER Is Within Your Grasp…
Lots of guys have at one time or another not given a f*ck. 

We know what it feels like, and we know how powerful it is.

But do you know how you did it? Can you recreate it whenever you want?

The answer is unfortunately no. 

I can tell you if you are not totally free, joyful, feeling totally alive all the time and life isn’t this incredible flood of fun and opportunity just pooling your way all day long, you’re missing out one of the greatest things going on in our world today.

When I released the 3 Shortcuts To Stop Giving A F*ck to my inner circle, I only wanted guys who would get it, apply it and give me specific and measurable feedback about how to improve it. I wanted to work out the kinks. 

I offered only 50 copies to my guys and sold them for $197 each. I sold out in a day. I only wanted guys who were serious about using it.

However, when you click the button below now, you won’t have to pay $197 like they gladly did.  

You won’t have to pay even $150. Or even $100. Or $50.  

And not even $29. That’s right.  

I may be crazy. But I’m offering 3 Shortcuts To Stop Giving A F*ck for just... 9 measly bucks.


Now that we understand it, I just think every guy (and girl for that matter) deserves a shot at having a truly amazing and free life, don’t you?
And if I personally can contribute to that goal in some small way, I’m willing to get this program into the hands into as many guys as I can for as little as possible.

Sounds kinda cheesy, but these 3 Shortcuts To Stop Giving A F*ck really can change the world for guys. 

Now that I’ve discovered the scientifically-proven neuroscience principle that allows anyone to stop giving a f*ck and start being truly FREE, I want everybody to have it. 
Get Your Paws On This Time-Sensitive 
Recently I’ve discovered that every entrepreneur (or budding entrepreneur) who goes on to make 6-figures or more lives and dies by 6 core principles, 6 core mindsets…

These aren’t normal mindsets you’ll hear talked about on TV or even read about in any wealth-building or finance book. 

They’re controversial. They’re unique. If you heard someone talking about them on the street, you might think they were from another planet.
But without these 6 core mindsets installed deeply and permanently into your subconscious, getting to a 6-figure income (or more) becomes almost impossible. 

But with them, multiple 6-figures, or even 7-figures, becomes as simple as apple pie. 

Now I’m not teaching these 6 core mindsets publicly anytime soon. I just want case studies and success stories. You know I love to brag about the success of my students like you.  

So with your order today, you get "Millionaire Mindset Mastery" as your bonus FREE.

It’ll last for 14 days, and then you’ll decide if you want to go all 6 months and have a 6-figure freedom business or not (it’s 59/mo and you can cancel anytime). 

There are thousands of guys like you making 6-figures and 7-figures, traveling the world, doing what they want, when they want, with who they want. 

You can be next. You are next. 
 If You Don’t Feel Like You Have More
In Your Life Than Ever Before, 
I've Failed You... And We Demand You Get
Your Full “3 Shortcuts” 
Investment Back...
Now, let’s just be straight about something.  

Will I guarantee you’ll be able to stop giving a f*ck almost all the time with this?

Yes, watch this one time and you’ll see it happen. It’s that powerful. 

I guarantee it.  

You’re gonna get that result. It’s gonna come right to you.  
Just be ready for some questions from friends and family. 

They won’t understand how you all of the sudden become 10x more magnetic and free. 

Then, if for any reason you’re not completely satisfied (and I’m talking over-the-moon satisfied,) just hit us up for a no questions, no hard feelings refund. Our email is  

You can expect a prompt, courteous refund.  
So go ahead and grab your copy now. It’s waiting for you.
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A Fool-Proof Way to NEVER Worry Again And Make What You Want Come To You…
Imagine the possibilities as you stop giving a f*ck and start making whatever you want come to you.

I’ll bet you’ve at least had it happen once where you saw something you wanted but didn't know how to get it. 

So you held back. 

And you kicked yourself for it later.

However, with The 3 Shortcuts To Stop Giving A F*ck, you now can turn those situations into golden opportunities for you.
With this newfound power, you really can finally stop caring what others think and starting making whatever you want come to you. 

You've made it this far. You deserve the best the world has to offer. And you won't let it stop you anymore.

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How Much Is Gaining Life's Ultimate Power
Worth To You?
Listen, it's been said to not care what others think is life's ultimate power. I can't say for sure, but it’s got to be worth 9 lousy bucks, right?  

And while it’s not much, I’ve taken away all the risk of you seeing for yourself that The 3 Shortcuts To Stop Giving A F*ck do, in fact, work.  

Consider it proof of how much I believe this will work for you too.
So go ahead and click the button below and check it out. If it’s not everything I say it is, I’ll refund you. If you try it, and you don’t get the incredible results you expect, I’ll refund you as well.

That’s pretty bold, but I have an advantage. I have the experience of hundreds of guys on my side who paid $197 each to learn it, telling me it works like crazy. Even better, I have the breakthrough neuroscience on my side. This is fact.  

And pretty soon, you’ll have the benefits of the same science on your side too.  

The days of worrying and holding back and being a prisoner to others are over. Go ahead and click the button below now and let’s unleash true freedom in your life too now…
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PS: I get asked this a lot.

Yes, the changes really happen that fast…

This isn’t long-term therapy where we talk about every event that’s ever happened in your life searching for some mysterious answer we hope arises.

This is how to stop giving a f*ck using neuroscience and hypnosis.

It doesn’t matter what’s happened to you up to this point.

You'll be transformed in just minutes.

And then what you with that newfound power is completely up to you...

PPS: Again, use The 3 Shortcuts To Stop Giving A F*ck responsibly. It’s extremely powerful. 

And remember: This isn’t a long 8-hour course like some of my other training's.  

The whole process takes just a few minutes, tops. You’ll be there today if you want.

So click the button below before the price doubles and let’s get started now:
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